Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A friend of mine posted on her Facebook page “Before you start making a list of goals or resolutions for 2014, take a few minutes and acknowledge all that you’ve accomplished in 2013. Make a list of at least 25 things you accomplished. Coming up with the first five or ten things isn’t usually too difficult. But when you get to 20, this gets a little more challenging. Keep going though! You’ve accomplished a lot in 2013. Give yourself credit for all of your accomplishments, big or small.”  Well this got me thinking, what have I accomplished this year??  So here I am compiling my list of things and in no order other than how they came out of my head LOL
1.       Tried some amazing new fitness styles!!!  Bought some Kangoo Jumps and started running in those….actually started running regularly this year as well!!!!  Where would I be without starting running…..I wouldn’t have met half of the amazing people I did!!!!  Also tried Barre classes
2.       Spent my first official year as a fully certified Pilates Instructor!!!!
3.       Met Nicholas Sparks, only briefly but it still counts!!!
4.       Went to the New Kids on the Block/Boys II Men concert (not an accomplishment but still cool!!!)
5.       Stood up for what I believed in and left a job that was not making me happy and I still stand behind that decision!!!
6.       Met Danny J and Bex – how many of you know what that means?? LOL
7.       Ran 1 race a month from July-December
8.       Donated my hair to Locks of Love
9.       Ran my first obstacle race
10.   I was selected as the Weight Loss Guru for Girls Gone Sporty!!!
11.   Found the strength to get my health and fitness back on track after losing all motivation in the Spring (see it happens to the best of us!!!!)
12.   Created Mommy Bootcamp, to give moms a workout they can bring their kids to!
13.   I was part of the Sweat Pink Ambassadors Healthy Moms Spotlight
14.   I was quoted or guest wrote for multiple fitness blogs
15.   I took Stand Up Paddle board lessons
16.   Was selected as a Brand Ambassador for some AMAZING companies!!!
17.   Starting working for 2 AMAZING companies, doing what I love everyday!!!
18.   Got to meet some amazing people!!
19.   Moved my family from Manhattan to New Jersey, in the process meeting more amazing people!!
20.   Learned to LOVE myself and appreciate all the hard work I do everyday

Reflecting on this past year has me super excited for what’s to come!!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

10 Gifts of Christmas

It’s mid December…..still need some gift ideas for that health nut or fitness freak??  Here is a list of my FAVORITE things to give this holiday season!! 
  1.        The Running Buddy – wwwherunningbuddy.com   The Running Buddy is perfect for holding your keys, phone, money and whatever else you need while running or just running errands.  Keeps your hands free with the “fanny pack” feel.    ** Bonus get 15% off and FREE shipping by using code A23**
  2.        Cozy Orange Yogawear – www.cozyorange.com  For the yogi on your list, this line is eco friendly and extremely stylish…from studio to street.
  3.       Swirlgear – www.swirlgear.com  Womens running apparel, designed by women especially for women, flattering fits, and great colors….my go to for running apparel!!!
  4. Hylete – www.hylete.com For the hard core gym goer/crossfitter in your life!!!!  Amazing fabrics that withstand a beating!!!  **Bonus get 20% with code TRTC06CC5**
  5.   Enegybits – www.energybits.com  Natural energy from algae (I know it sounds odd but totally works!)  No added chemicals and comes in tablet form you just swallow with water.  Algae is good for energy and immunity, so jump on these during cold and flu season!! ** Bonus get 25% off with code JerseyDoll**
  6.   Island Boost – www.islandboost.com  Perfect for the endurance athlete on your list!!!!  This fuel gives you the energy to keep going without the awful effects on your stomach and no crash effect!!!!
  7.  Ripped Cream – www.rippedcream.com  For the coffee lover on your list!!!  Coffee creamer with protein in 2 yummy flavors, chocolate and vanilla!!!! 
  8.  Lole – www.lolewomen.com  Live Out Loud Everyday in this amazing workout wear line
  9.  Fitmark Bags – www.fitmarkbags.com Fashionable and functional gym bags and lunch totes.
  10.   100 Hours of Kettlebells – www.strongfigure.com  Exactly what the title says…Strong Figure brings you the 100 Hours of Kettlebells ebook….100 awesome hours worth of kettlebell exercises!!!

Disclaimer:  These items are listed in no particular, only the order they popped in my head, and none of these companies paid me to put them on this list….they are all just things I love!!!