Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving, New Beginnings and Going Streaking!!!!!

Thanksgiving, New Beginnings and Going Streaking!!!!!

I’m sitting here on the couch after stuffing myself full, reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to the new year……so many new things, disappointments and exciting things have happened and I am looking forward to many more to come!!!!!

Looking back on this past year and what I am thankful for…….there is so much!!!  I don’t even know where to begin!!!  I am most thankful for such a supportive family, without their support I never would have been able to quit a job I didn’t love in order to pursue one that I am so in love with that it is hard for me to stop working J  This year alone I have been selected as a Brand Ambassador for some AMAZING companies…….including Sweat Pink (Fit Approach), Girls Gone Sporty, Janet TV, Cozy Orange Yoga Wear, Swirlgear, The Running Buddy, Fit Mark Bags, Strong Figure, I am on the Train Team for Hylete  and most recently was selected to be the Weight Loss Guru for Girls Gone Sporty!!!!!!  I consider myself so blessed and thankful for the opportunities that these companies have given me!!!   I am also super thankful for the AMAZING companies that have worked with in other capacities and those that have supported programs that I have developed or events I have done……Island Boost and Ripped Cream have been awesome!!!!!  I can’t thank you guys enough!!!!!  The support of all of these companies has helped me get my message out there J  I am also SUPER thankful for the AMAZING companies that I work for, they allow me the opportunity to create programs and help those that need it!!!  If y’all are ever in the NYC/NJ area and can get to Hoboken please come by and visit us at Harmony Pilates and 35 Minute Bootcamps….programs for ALL!!!

I am also EXTREMELY thankful for the journey that I went on, had I not gone through my journey I may have never found my true love – well besides my husband LOL- fitness!!!!!!  Had I not gained the weight (and I’m not saying you should go out and gain a ton of weight) I would have never found fitness…..I would have never met so many amazing people…..everything in life truly happens for a reason, I was meant to take that journey so I could turn it around and help others!!!!!  Yes, I have made mistakes, I have had set backs, but I continue to push forward and strive to make myself better and more toward my goals………I have learned so many lessons in the past year as well, I have learned to be happy with myself (oh that one took a LONG time), not to get discouraged by the little things, and most importantly to put myself first!!!!!  I was stuck in a rut of constantly putting others first and being a people pleaser but no more!!!  I am focusing on what’s best for me, be it life, family, business….I will no longer be a stepping stool for others J  I am developing my own fitness brand, with apparel, motivation, training plans and much more!!!!
I am also thankful that I am healthy enough to perform the fitness fetes that I love so much!! I am thankful my body is able to run, lift, teach and do my daily activities.  I am thankful for the friends that have stuck by my side through everything (moving, cancer, the struggles, moving again LOL), they are my rocks!!!  I am also thankful for the new friends that I have made during all of those things as well….my fitness friends, who keep me pushing even when I don’t want to… clients who remind me why I do what I do on the tough days……my son, who can make me laugh no matter what……
New beginnings….as we embark on the holiday season and the new year that is fast approaching I am focusing on my new goals.  The New Year is a fresh start, a push forward…..a clean start!!!!  I have set myself some pretty hefty goals BUT I am also designing the action plan to make em happen!!!  I have found that putting your goals out into the universe they are more likely to happen, so here you go……
My 2014 Goals
-to qualify for the NYC Marathon
-to complete the Spartan, Tough Mudder and whatever other crazy shit Dave convinces me to do!!!
-complete 5 marathons (I want 40 by 40 LOL)
-compete in a Kettlebell competition
-complete a duathalon
-run the stairs at Rockefeller center
-build my programs (increase my classes)
-be more active on my blog and social media (I get so distracted…..squirrel!!!)
-get kettlebell certified
And that is just the beginning I am still brainstorming!!!!!!! I can’t get past my addiction of fitness!!!

I am soooo excited to start my marathons!!!!!  I NEVER thought my body would be capable of so many of the things that I accomplished, especially at almost 300lbs!!!!!  I never imagined I would get excited to run, go to the gym and especially run 26 miles but now just thinking about it I get giddy!!!!

And lastly, I’m GOING STREAKING!!!!  Not that way, get your mind out of the gutter!!!!  I am joining the crew at Runners World and making this year a running streak!!!  I vow to run at least a mile EVERY single day for a year!!!!!!!  Who wants to join me???