Thursday, August 8, 2013

Family and friends… system or gateway to failure?

As I watched The Biggest Loser this season it brought some thoughts to mind…..first of all I am always in awe of the transformations but the biggest question that was brought to mind is do our loved ones have our best interests at heart or are they stuck in our habits as well?  I watched the episode where the contestants went home to spend some time with their families and all the families took them to greasy, fatty restaurants and I understand that is life BUT if my family knew I was really trying to lose weight and get healthy for them, I would be truly upset with them for taking me to a restaurant like that while I was so vulnerable.  Thinking back on my journey (and oh what a journey it has been!!  125lbs down the drain) I remember my biggest set backs were always at family events or when I was around my extended family…..not saying I was not to blame BUT if instead of taking me to that Mexican restaurant and eating those nachos what about let’s make a healthy dinner as a family and spend the time cooking to chat and mingle…..I am starting to realize that having support and “having support” are very different……just as in the show I constantly heard, “one little bite won’t hurt” but for some people that one little bite opens a gateway of little bites, which turns into big bites, which turns into entire cakes L  Finding a proper support system is so important, not just someone who says they understand what you are doing, or a spouse who is a “yes man” but someone who will truly be there for you the entire journey even when it gets tough…..this is true for not only weight loss but for everything in life….you want someone who is actually there to support you not just say that and show the opposite….be picky about who you choose…..don’t just go with your spouse, parent, friend, if they don’t understand what you are going through, they can’t help……don’t pick your Aunt Maggie if you are trying to lose weight and she works in a bakery unless you have nerves of steel, don’t pick your friend who is still at entry level after being with a company for 10 years to help you figure out how to get that promotion (she may be the sweetest thing but I’d go to someone who knows their stuff)……don’t be afraid to ask for help!!!  There is always someone out there who knows what you are going through and knows exactly how you are feeling…..I have found many people like this, people that motivate me not discourage me…..our habits are learned from those around us, surround yourself with people who will bring you good habits not those that promote bad ones J

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